Press it when your brows start losing their fleek.

Back in the nineties, eyebrow care was stealing your sister’s tweezers and secretly plucking your monster eyebrows to within an inch of their life á la Posh Spice, then drawing them back on badly with a Berol handwriting pen for the next three weeks because you were still years off mastering the fine art of tweezing.

Fast forward to 2016, and there’s a brow kit for every kind of brushed-up, fade-in eyebrow style you could possibly dream of. There’s probably a brow kit out there for your cat. But more to the point – there’s Wunderbrow Dash. Literally a panic button for eyebrow care. Where on earth was this when we needed it back in our fragile youth?

If you’ve not already heard about the Amazon Dash button, it’s a smart button that you can pop anywhere convenient inside your house and tap it once to instantly order a particular product from Amazon Prime.

It launched in the UK last week and comes decorated with the particular brand it can order from. In this case, it’s Wunderbrow. Waterproof, budge-proof, transfer-proof eyebrow gel that promises to give you supermodel eyebrows in just 2 minutes.

WunderbrowYou can read more here about how Wunderbrow Dash works, but the essence is that when your Wunderbrow product is running low and you’re in danger of imminently having less than flawless eyebrows, you just press the little button on Wunderbrow Dash and it will automatically order you a new stick of Wunderbrow.

Somewhere in a time vortex, your bald-faced childhood self is now silently sobbing in a corner next to a pile of tiny plucked hairs on a tissue.

The best news is that your Wunderbrow Dash button is practically free. You’ll have to pay an initial £4.99 for the button, but Amazon will refund that as soon as you make your first Wunderbrow purchase. You can grab your Wunderbrow Dash button here, and buy Wunderbrow for £19.95 here.