Wurf Board is an inflatable mat that lets your 'surf' at your standing desk to keep the blood pumping.

Updated: Wurf is now available for pre-order from its site, from $179.

Made from strong drop-stitched PVC, Wurf is a inflatable air-spring platform that promises to make standing at your desk healthy and fun.

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Standing desks are designed to get us off our backsides, give us a good stretch, and generally stop us developing a hunchback like great aunt Edna. But if used incorrectly, they come with their own health implications – namely stiffness, lower back pain, varicose veins, and other cardiovascular problems associated with standing still for too long.

The solution? Surfing at your desk, of course. Kind of. By encouraging you to make continuous micro-movements while you’re working on your feet, Wurf promises to improve blood flow, posture, and strength to prevent the nasty side-effects of being too stationary. As a result, Wurf’s maker, a trampoline manufacturer called JumpSport, reckons you’ll experience enhanced alertness, focus, and productivity.

Plus, Wurf sounds sort of fun. Unlike typical foam standing standing mats that cause your heels to sink in and your legs to lock, Wurf’s reactive trampoline-like surface lets you gently wobble, tilt, and pummel with your feet while your work. A bit like when you go barefoot on a new super-thick luxury carpet. Ahh, absolute bliss.

You can adjust how firm or bouncy Wurf is by either adding or letting out air. The 2-inch high curved edge of Wurf is also designed to give the arches of your feet a soothing massage, or help stretch your lower legs.

One of Wurf’s real triumphs is that it’s super light. It only weights 3lbs, so it’s easy to carry about the office and slip in and out from under your desk. It’s also well-gripped on all types of flooring, so you won’t end up literally surfing past the CEO’s office, in case that’s what you’re worried about.

JumpSport is so convinced that it’s the way forward for workplace productivity, they’re donating a Wurf Board to a school for every ten that are bought. You can pre-order one now from it’s Kickstarter campaign in small, large, or medium. Prices start at $95 (£63).


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