Shave your stubble in style with this long-lasting Zafirro Z2 razor, ten times sharper than a surgeon's scalpel.

The Zafirro Z2’s blade is made from pure white sapphire, which its makers claim make it sharper than any other blade on the planet, and more than 100 times as durable. This means it’ll cut through through hairs like a hot knife through butter for an entire year before needing replacing.

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That’s if you don’t accidentally slice through any major arteries before it’s time to swap the blades, because this viciously sharp beast means business. Sapphire is second only to diamond in terms of its hardness, meaning it can can be moulded into microscopically sharp points. Zafirro’s super-fine tip has about 80 atoms, which is 5,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

But seriously, you can probably cast any images of Sweeney Todd horror to the back of your mind, because you’re in incredibly safe hands. After all, the company’s cheapest razor before the Z2 cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re dealing with some serious shaving tech here.

Zafirro’s makers reckon the Z2 will give you around six months to an entire year’s worth of smooth beard-banishing, with a replacement cartridge costing less than $49 (£32). The company admit that this isn’t necessarily cheaper than disposable alternatives, but it’s certainly a lot more environmentally friendly, what with disposable razors being one of the most significant sources of bathroom waste.

You can grab a Zafirro Z2 (carefully, by the handle) for an early bird price of $179 (£118) from its Kickstarter campaign, with delivery set for December 2016.


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