Don't just track your steps and activity - let this clever mood-sensing Zenta wristband get inside your mind too.

Giving your physical health an overhaul these days can be a lot easier with the help of a clever fitness tracker. But what about caring for your mental health? When is someone going to give us a wearable that will keep tabs on our moods?

As it turns out, the answer to that is not “in several hundred years when some crazy scientist invents a mind-reading machine”. Actually, it’s now. And it’s not a mind-reading machine, it’s a wristband called Zenta, made by wearable company Vinaya.

That’s right. As well as tracking metrics like your fitness, activity and sleep, Zenta can read your biosensors to determine how you’re feeling. By monitoring variables in your heart rate, respiration, sweat, physical activity, and other markers of emotional stress, Zenta reckons it can determine your overall mood to see if you’re happy, stressed, anxious, and so on. Not a mind-reader, per se – but pretty damn close.

Like with your fitness metrics, Zenta will beam all of those stats to an app on your phone in real-time to let you log and track all of your ups and downs. Obviously, this is only going to be useful if you can do something about those moods. That’s why Zenta organises your data in an easy-to-understand way in the app to let you discover stress-inducing triggers and track how your emotions change according to your daily life.

Zenta WristbandThat’s the real boon with Zenta. Having all of your body and mind stats in one place means you can see just how much your physical activity and routine affects the state of your noggin. Perhaps you’re always happier when you’ve hit your step goal that week, or you’re more tetchy when you don’t speak to your mum for a couple of days. Maybe all of those hours of sleep at the weekend actually make you more groggy and sad on a Monday morning? These are all factors you can spot – and act upon – once you take Zenta for a spin.

When you’re not scrutinising your moods in the app, Zenta is peppering your day with handy notifications and wrist-based buzzing to remind you to breathe and take a moment when it senses you’re on the cusp of getting stressed or sad. You can customise these notifications in the app if you need less or more, or just if you don’t want Zenta to pick up on certain biometric factors.

What’s more, there’s even the opportunity to share your moods with friends and family, if you like, using what Zenta calls a “new lexicon”. Or to the rest of us…emojis.

If you’re in the mood for a new fitness tracker, you can head over to Indiegogo to pledge your support for Zenta. The wristband is currently up for pre-order at $119 (£83), with a release date set for March 2017 if the campaign hits its funding goal.