Wish you always had a spotter on hand when you're working out at home? Check out this Zlagup smart pull-up bar.

This smart pull-up bar, Zlagup, is probably going to become the only thing in the world that you don’t mind watching you workout at home.

With a patented tilting mechanism that triggers your smartphone accelerometer, Zlagup feeds a whole host of stats about your reps and sets in real-time to the Zlagup app on your phone while you’re working up a sweat in your home gym.

The bar itself is make from sturdy stainless steel, and can be mounted on your favourite spot in your house or on one of the company’s custom-built Zlagboards. There’s a special rubberised mount in the centre of the bar where your phone sits in prime position for guzzling up all of your data.

zlagup-smart-pull-up-barWhen the app receives your pull-up stats – hang time, number of reps completed, and so on – it uses that information to formulate a personalised training plan designed to suit your fitness level and goals, with achievement updates to keep your eyes on the prize.

As well as logging your progress over time, the app also has a button that lets you share the results of your pull-up sessions with your friends on social media – if you’re that kind of person. You can also use the app to connect with Zlagup users who are more interested in hearing about your workouts and comparing your rep count to their own.

Whether you’re already well into the swing of pull-ups, or you can barely even manage one without falling into a sweaty heap on the floor, Zlagup is a great way to inject some good old competitive fun into your home-based get fit mission. You can pre-order Zlagup for €149 (around £127).