Track your force and cadence from the pedal up with this tiny wearable power meter.

If you’re stuck on a plateau with your cycling progress and have no idea how to crank it up a notch, you wouldn’t do badly to strap on Zone DPMX.

Touting itself as the world’s first wearable power meter for cyclists, Zone DPMX is a tiny gizmo that lives on your foot and uses built-in sensors to measure your power (in watts) and your cadence (rpm) while you ride.

With a special sensor plate for measuring force underneath your foot, and a pod atop your laces that measures motion, Zone DPMX can accurately tell you just how much welly you’re really putting into it. Can’t work out why you’re not getting any better? Once you pop on Zone DPMX, you’ll be able to identify exactly where your legwork is letting you down.

Zone DPMX will send all of your stats to any standard ANT+ bike computer – or if your don’t have one of those, your smartphone. There, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of both your watt measurements and cadence, as well as an overall power score as a handy indicator of how hard you’re pushing yourself.

Depending on how accurate you want that power score to be, there are two models of Zone DPMX to choose from – a Single version that measures the power on your left shoe only and then doubles that data to calculate your total power, or a Dual version with two separate sensors that capture data from both of your feet.

There’s just one tiny caveat if you’re ready and raring to invite Zone DPMX in your life. You’ll also have to be in possession of the following: Speedplay Zero pedals and cleats, shoes with the standard 3-hole pattern for fixing cleats, and shoes that have at least one strap. You also need an ANT+ compatible bike computer or a smartphone that can receive and understand ANT+ power and cadence. So not much then.

If, somehow, you tick all the boxes, you can head over to Indiegogo right now and bag yourself an early bird bargain. And we use the word “bargain” loosely…The Zone DPMX single sensor is priced at a hefty $435 (£300), and the dual sits at $870 (£600)…You’d be forgiven for taking the cheaper option of just pedalling harder.

Zone DPMX has an estimated release date of July 2016. Visit its site for more info.


  • Berth Ljunggren

    Might as well just buy the garmin vector 2 then.