Catch up on the best tech news of the week.

Levitation is the new black this week, along with smart golf shoes and cold brew coffee.


Cold brew coffee makes your daily caffeine refreshing and smooth, without the bitterness – on the downside it takes twelve hours to make. Well, no more. Prisma uses a vacuum infusion system that cuts that time down to ten minutes.

Pokemon GO Plus

Addicted to Pokémon GO but sick of having your phone out all the time? Niantic are bringing out a wearable that lets you catch the pesky blighters from your wrist.


Want to take a couple of strokes off your golf game? Whether you’re a beginner or a IOFIT shoes will be your personal trainer – you’ll be a better golfer by the eighteenth green.


If charging your phone with a USB cable seems a bit passé, this may be the charger you want. It’ll levitate your phone while wirelessly charging it, because we live in the future, and the future is magical. Speaking of which…

Levitation Works

Get your smart watch in on the magic, with the Levitation Works Lift charger .

Star Trek Communicator

Communicate like Captain Kirk with the Trektastic bluetooth speaker phone, to boldly talk like no one has talked before.


If you feel like you’re being rushed through your day, let this calming clock give you some time back.