Put an end to sleepless nights with this clever sleep-inducing wearable that soothes you into dreamland with breathing exercises.

There are myriad devices and apps for helping you nod off, mostly involving music, hypnosis, meditation and sleep-tracking. If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still struggling to catch some precious ZZZs after lights out, you might want to give 2breathe a whirl.

A breathing sensor that you wear around your abdomen in bed, 2breathe monitors every inhale and exhale movement you make and sends its to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With your smartphone propped on your nightstand, the app turns your breathing into soothing tones tailored to the rhythm of your breathing. Slowly, those tones guide you towards prolonged exhalation and slow your breathing.

After a few minutes, you should experience reduced neural sympathetic activity, which in layman’s terms basically means your mind is relaxed and detached from the distractions of the outside world. The result? Hopefully, the warm embrace of a peaceful night’s sleep.

2Breathe sleep device

2breathe turns your breathing pattern into soothing tones to help you sleep.

Five minutes after you fall asleep, 2breathe automatically shuts off both the app and the sensor to leave you in the zone. This is because when you’re asleep, your system takes over and your breathing rate changes, becoming fast and shallow.

Come morning, the app will jump in with a session report showing how log it took you to fall asleep, and how you got there. There’s a handy graph that shows exactly how your body began to drowse into sleep as your ability to sync with the soothing tones diminished with drowsiness.

If you’re sceptical, it might help to know that 2breathe is tried and tested. Actually, it was discovered kind of by accident. During the testing of an FDA-cleared device for the non-drug treatment of hypertension and stress, one of the side-effects noted was dozing off during sessions and improved sleep quality. And so, 2breathe was born.

If you’re suffering from sleepless nights or it simply takes you way too long to nod off, 2breathe might just be the cure you’re after. It’s available to buy now for $179.95 (£125).

* Story via: PR Newswire