Yep, you heard us correctly. You can wear a smartwatch and NOT look like Inspector Gadget's modern-day cousin. Prepare to fall in love with some seriously beautiful wrist kit...

Pebble Time Round in Rose Gold

Pebble Time Round Rose Gold£179.99 from Currys

This minimalistic little ticker brings notifications, step-tracking and activity insights onto an e-paper screen that’s gently backlit with LEDs. You can customise the watch face and even make voice replies straight from your wrist, and it’s available in a silver variation with various watch strap options in case the chic rose gold and white getup is simply too luxe for you.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic in Pink Gold

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold£329 from Samsung

Is this the most enchanting watch face you’ve ever seen? As well as being totally beaut, the Gear S2 Classic has a super-smart rotating bezel for scrolling through emails, zooming in on maps and skipping tracks. It pulls notifications from your phone, as well as tracking daily activity levels like your heart rate and water vs. caffeine intake. It even sends you motivational messages, because it’s nice like that. The cherry on top? It comes with a wireless charging dock for some futuristic wire-free fun.

Withings Activité

Withings Activite smartwatch£320 from Withings

If your style mantra is ‘less is more’, you’ll fall in love with Withings Activité . Its simple, clear analog hand provides subtle feedback on your activity levels throughout the day, and throws more complicated stats in the direction of a phone app. It tracks sleep, wakes you with gentle vibrations, and is even water-resistant up to 50 metres – perfect for a dip in the pool. But you wouldn’t guess it – this is a seriously smart watch wrapped in a beautifully simple and traditional design.

Omate Lutetia

Omate Lutetia smartwatch$249 (around £190) from Omate

Available in silver, rose gold and classic gold, Lutetia is a glam smartwatch for notification fiends who can’t bear not knowing whether they’ve got a text or not. You can make and receive calls or read and compose messages directly from the always-on display, or check your step count courtesy of the onboard pedometer. To save energy, the screen dims after a while, but remains bright enough for you to check the time.

Guess Connect

Guess Connect smartwatch£299 from Guess Connect

This uber-girly smartwatch has pretty much every single smart feature you could dream of wrapping around your wrist. Command apps with your voice, control your smartphone camera, compose a text hands-free, set reminders, find your phone and tons more. If you’re not a fan of the bejewelled baby blue veneer, you can tone it down with other straps and bezel options.

Huawei Watch

Huawei watchFrom $400 (around £305) at Huawei 

Whether you’re tracking fitness, keeping up with your emails or dabbling with your favourite apps, Huawei’s sleek smartwatch brings a much-needed dose of timeless luxury. When you’ve settled on a custom watch face from Huawei’s gorgeous line-up, you can use wrist gestures to scroll through messages and interact with your notifications. Get ready to embrace chunky-chic, though, because it’s not a skinny watch. Still, the vast array of leather and metallic options should be enough to keep you happy.

Fossil Q Wander in Rose Gold

Fossil Q Wander$315 (around £240) from Fossil

Track steps, distance and calories burned from this elegant smartwatch. There’s a built-in mic for chatting, customisable faces for bored watch wearers, and other watch straps in case the rose gold fad isn’t your bag. Notifications from your favourite apps are in there too. We’re loving the large, clean-looking screen – perfect for squinters and those who want a more stripped-down smartwatch experience.

Vector Luna

Vector Luna Smartwatch£249 from Vector Watch

It might be dainty, but don’t be fooled. This sleek timepiece is packing a whopping 30 days of battery life, which beats a lot of top smartwatches by 29 days. Interact with your apps, compose a message, change watch faces, go for a swim and generally gaze in awe at how something so smart can be so beautiful.

Moto 360

Moto 360From $349 (around £266) from Motorola

This infinitely customisable little smartwatch is simplicity at its smartest. As well as giving you the full smartwatch show with apps, notifications and call answering to boot, Moto 360 throws in smart extra like an ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness for optimal visibility in all conditions. There’s an optical heart rate sensor for tracking your ticker, and the whole shebang is resistant to the dust and splashes of everyday life.