Screens, noise and bright lights keep us awake at night, but Holi's SleepCompanion light therapy system promises to be the ultimate antidote.

Conquering the world of sleep is one of smart tech’s most important missions, and Holi’s SleepCompanion system could be a big step forward towards a perfect tech-assisted night’s sleep.

The French company’s SleepCompanion system uses a combination of sleep-tracking, guided exercises and light therapy to help its user drift off into slumber. A smart lightbulb that fits inside your existing lamp is the system’s main tool, reproducing natural light adapted to the time of day. It glows gently at night to avoid disrupting the secretion of sleep-inducing melatonin, and then glows blue in the morning to reduce melatonin and help you wake up. It’s sound-responsive too, which means it will glow brighter when it hears the music of your alarm clock.

Meanwhile, the app on your phone works on tracking your sleep, measuring your quality of sleep every night and giving you a breakdown on the duration of your various sleep cycles come morning. It also keeps an eye and ear out for light and sound distractions that keep you awake during the night, which might alert you to major disruptions you weren’t aware about – like that leaking tap, or a faulty streetlight flashing through a gap in the curtains.

The SleepCompanion app also has a few tricks for getting you in the relaxation zone before bed. It guides your through yoga-inspired breathing exercises using the light from the lamp to ease you into a clearer stat of mind, focussing your mind on the light signal rather than anxiety-inducing thoughts that cause insomnia and restlessness.

The sad news is that Holi is currently only shipping SleepCompanion to Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Sweden, and there’s no news yet on a UK release. It’s up for €79 (£63) here.