This tracking, organising, list-making app for the whole family wants to help you run a tight ship.

It’s not the easiest job keeping on top of the house, the kids, and all of the other stuff that life spontaneously throws at us, but according to FamilyInSafe, becoming a tight-knit “dream team” is just a phone app away.

FamilyInSafe is basically a hub for your entire family to connect, collaborate, and stay in touch. With FamilyInSafe downloaded onto everybody’s phones, you can check out where the kids are in real-time, chat as a family, share to-do lists, and generally stay in control of family life.

By accessing your family’s phone locations, FamilyInSafe is the perfect way to have peace of mind that everyone is safe. You can view anyone’s location in real-time on a map whenever you like, and even set geo-fencing zones to get notifications if the kids go somewhere they shouldn’t on the way home from school.

To make sure everyone chips in on the family chores, you can also create shared to-do lists, tasks and shopping lists that you can all view, edit and chip away at together. To make communication a doddle, FamilyInSafe has a family chat complete with an events timeline that can become your family’s main mode of contact for achieving goals and making sure stuff gets done. And because it’s a pain using multiple apps for the same thing, FamilyInSafe lets you create personal tasks too that you can manage separately from the family feed.

FamilyInSafe is available to download for both iOS and Android devices.

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