Fancy lower energy bills and more holidays in the sun? All it takes is a few quick-fix smart home solutions...

We’re the first to jump in and champion the money-saving benefits of filling your home with smart tech, but a recent report commissioned by the Consumer Technology Association has finally nailed down exactly how much cash we can all be saving.

According to the report, which was conducted by the Faaunhofer Center for Sunstainable Energy,
home automation through the Internet of Things could reduce home energy consumption by as much as 10%. That’s just from the simple act of managing a few connected gadgets from an app on your phone – a luxury that also pays for itself in its sheer convenience.

The great news is that you don’t have to pull up the floorboards, re-wire the house or bring in the builders to equip your home with some smart IoT solutions. Most of the devices that the report touts as money-savers are easy to install yourself in minutes.

Philips Hue living room

Philips Hue makes smart lighting schedules simple, fun and energy-efficient.

There’s smart lighting, which could include the likes of Philips Hue – a connected lightbulb kit that lets you remotely control your lights, meaning they’re only on when you need them to be. Smart thermostats are also a big money saver, with the added bonus that British Gas provide their Hive thermostat free with all new boilers these days.

The report also cites circuit-level control as a power-saving measure, which is a lot simpler than it sounds. It basically means smart plugs like MeWatt, which let you control any device or appliance plugged into them via your phone, and will provide energy-saving tips and tricks via a companion app. They also automatically switch themselves off when they’re not needed, preventing phantom energy usage.

Window covering controls also get a mention, which is the perfect excuse to grab the FlipFlic blind controller. A clever opening-closing schedule with the blinds in your house could help you let heat in and lock it in for longer.

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