Google's Nest Cam, Thermostat and Smoke Detector are adding more friends to the Works with Nest clique.

Works with Nest is the exclusive label given to certain smart home gadgets that can communicate and work in harmony with Google-owned Nest devices. If you’re not sure if a gadget is in the gang, all you have to do is check for the Works with Nest logo to find out if it can play nice.

There are already some great names in the mix, including Philips Hue and the Whirlpool washing machine, but there’s a new wave of smart home products currently limbering up for some fun in the Nest.

The August Doorbell Cam is one of them, giving anyone with Nest Cam access to video feeds from both devices from either of their apps. Going head-to-head with Philips Hue are LIFX smart lightbulbs, which will also join hands with Nest Cam, meaning motion detected by Nest Cam will trigger LIFX light bulbs to automatically switch on.

August Doorbell Cam

The August Doorbell Cam is one of Nest’s notable friends.

Also stepping up to work with Nest is Simplehuman – a name that cropped up recently when it unleashed this incredible smart vanity mirror with super-magnification, sensor lights and smart ambience detection. With the new Nest Cam friendship, the mirror will capture the environment from Nest Cam and recreate it in your mirror. Really.

Other names joining Works with Nest include maker of smart lighting Lutron, and wearable company Misfit.

Nest Cam isn’t the only product getting new pals, though. The lesser-known Nest smoke detector will now work with SkyBell, offering a button that glows red if the smoke detector senses a dangerously high level of carbon dioxide.

The Nest Thermostat is also going to enjoy a place in the Digital Life app – a smart home control system that puts home automation of certain devices in a single app on your phone