The retro gaming giant is limbering up to join the great IoT race, not with a console, but with a band of smart home gadgets.

If you were a kid in the late 70s and the words ‘Atari 2600 games console’ mean nothing to you, you must have spent your entire childhood blindfolded with your fingers in your ears, and probably on a remote desert island. The Atari 2600 was not just a games console, it was the games console. And today, nearly 40 years laters, its creator is making a comeback.

In a curious twist, however, Atari is not about to unleash a modern-day games console upon us. In fact, it’s going to make smart home gadgets. The video games legend has announced that it’s going to create smart home products that will cover everything from “highly sophisticated” to “simple”. It says its mystery gadgets will be in the safety, pets, lifestyle and home arenas.

So really, that could mean basically anything. We’re actually not ruling out the possibility of a Pong-powered smart door lock, or a remote controlled robot vacuum in the shape of Pac-Man that gobbles up floor gunk (and ghosts) at your command. Here’s hoping.

Atari Pong

Have you got what it takes to beat your opponent and open your smart door lock?

What else do we know about Atari’s comeback? Only that it will be partnering with wireless network company Sigfox to make the new gadgets a reality, and that Atari itself will be providing the IoT tech to power them.

If you’ve been closely following Atari over the past few years, you’ll know that the company has possibly even more to prove than most modern start-ups entering the smart home market. It went bankrupt three years ago following losses in the tens of millions since 2005. Has it got what it takes to make its mark on the modern home? We’ll keep you posted.