Imagine if charging your phone was as easy as putting it on the table next to your mug of coffee. Well, Fonesalesman is about to make that a reality with its new range of wireless phone charging furniture called FurniQi.

Although it looks just like a normal, rather elegant range of furniture on the outside, FurniQi is packed with wireless charging technology that gives you the luxury of juicing up your phone without the hassle of wires and plug sockets.

First to launch is the FurniQi bamboo side table – a chic little table with a wireless charging spot on its surface that starts charging your phone as soon you put it down. The table itself plugs into the mains with a discrete, camouflaged power cable.

We’re still waiting with baited breath to hear what other furniture pieces FurniQi is injecting with tech, but there’s still IKEA’s wireless phone charging lamp to give us a taste of things to come.

FurniQi will launch via Indiegogo next month, where you can sign to be the first to hear about early bird offers and launch dates.


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