Logitech Circle is a new home monitoring camera that doubles as a webcam, and can even be carried around your house for wire-free video chatting.

Circle sits in a charging cradle to capture all of the comings and goings in your home, streaming high-quality 720 pixel footage to an app on your phone. But if you pluck it from its power source, Circle will stay alert for up to 3 hours, meaning you can carry it around the house and make use of its two-way voice chat capabilities.

To catch up on what Circle has seen while you’ve been out, you can ask it to create a Day Brief, and it will produce a sped up video of the day’s highlights that you can view in the iOS or Android app in seconds. It also automatically filters all of its video from the day and lets you view interesting segments of activity individually. Circle allows for 24 hours of video rewinding in its own cloud service too.

The Logitech Circle home monitoring camera is $199.99 (around £130).


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