Everyone who's bought a pair of wireless earbuds will have inevitably thought twice about forking out a fairly hefty sum for something so tiny it could quite easily disappear down the back of the sofa for the next ten years. But these Elbee wireless earbuds have come along to solve the problem with a simple solution.

Elbee wireless earbuds connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. The app always knows when the earbuds are in or out of Bluetooth range, and will tell you their last location via the app to help you find them if they go missing.

The app even knows if you’ve left home without them, and will give you a handy reminder to go back and grab them before it’s too late.

Elbee AppOf course, that’s no excuse for you to go throwing your earbuds all over the house willy nilly, but if you’re prone to losing expensive stuff, this is a neat trick that could save you time, money, and heart ache.

Lost and found function aside, Elbee have some cool features for streaming music and getting your phone notifications. You can play tracks, take calls, read and send texts, and access your favourite apps with voice activation and motion control. To make a handsfree call, for example, you can tilt you head upwards, or simply say, “OK, Elbee.” Got a message? Elbee will read it to you with their text-to-speech feature.

There are touch sensitive tap and swipe controls on the earbuds as well, so you can easily change tracks, pause, and toggle the volume. All of this, and without having to keep getting your phone out of your pocket, or worry about throwing your money down the drain (literally).

The buds themselves are made of comfortable, sweat-resistant silicone, with a battery life of around three hours from a single charge, and three different sizes to choose from.

You can pre-order Elbee from their Kickstarter campaign for $149 (around £97). Estimated delivery is in November 2016, which is a while to wait, but at that price you can’t really lose (ba-dum tshhh)…


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