With no additional software or hardware required, the Albert Smart Home app promises to connect multiple different devices with one single app

Smart home technology is great but a major head scratcher is figuring out which devices will work with the others. Many and varied are the ingenious solutions,  but it would just be easier if there was an app that made the whole problem go away.

That’s the approach being promised by Alfred Smart Home, an app that claims to be able to work across and connect multiple devices across multiple brands, including Netatmo, Sonos, Philips, Nest, LIFX and Insteon amongst others.

Alfred says the products that can be integrated and controlled through Alfred include: security cameras, lighting, heating/cooling systems, entertainment, electrical appliances, windows, gates, curtains, pet care and baby monitors. Phone alerts can also be set up to inform on security breaches like doors or windows being opened.

“With the number of connected brands and products growing rapidly we soon saw there was a problem for the consumer – how can they easily manage all of these devices in their home?” said founder Marco Matera.

“We’ve developed unique algorithms that analyse energy trends and performance and present it back within the app in a really useful and usable display.”

Alfred Smart Home app is currently in beta and can be downloaded from the Google Play store today, and shortly from the App store.