Reclining is the new black.

We’ve known for a while now that sitting hunched over a keyboard all day is just no good. It’s bad for your back, your wrists, your waistline – just about every body part you can think of takes a hit. The Altwork Station is designed to be a comprehensive fixer of pretty much all these problems.


The Altwork Station is a fully integrated, completely adjustable workstation. You can easily move between working positions, to keep your body active and your mind engaged. It works as a standing, or a sitting desk – and goes two steps further.

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To allow your body to dictate how you work – rather than the other way around, the Altwork Station slips down into a reclining position. It even lets you work in zero gravity position, if you really want to make things comfortable.


The workstation also boast the ability to easily swivel your screen in order to share work with other people. It’s set to ship in the US this September, and should be available internationally at some point next year.

So for now, we’ll be trying to decide what colour combinations would work best with our complexions.