It's only a matter of time before she gets inside your head. Just kidding. But seriously...

If you haven’t heard of Amazon Alexa yet, we’ll just assume you’ve been on Planet Zorg for the past year. She’s Amazon’s virtual assistant who inhabits the flagship Amazon Echo Bluetooth speaker, and she’s making quite a name for herself on the smart home scene with her ability to perform thousands of handy tricks by voice command.

She’s been popping up in a few other devices lately, including the recent Limited Edition Omate Rise smartwatch, and the news from CNET is that she’s probably about to to jump inside our computers too. According to CNET, PC maker Lenovo has had talks with Amazon about potentially putting Alexa control inside its computers and other devices.

Lenovo launched its Yoga Book tablet next month - could Alexa soon be running it?

Lenovo launched its Yoga Book tablet next month – could Amazon Alexa soon be running it?

The Lenovo Exec who shared the news declined to make any further comment, but it’s not hard to imagine the joys of an Alexa-powered computer. We’re thinking voice-controlled menu browsing, document editing, tab-clicking, and pretty much everything else you can do on a computer. Not to mention being able to search the internet and control smart home gadgets while staring at our computer screens.

This news comes not long after Lenovo unveiled its recent slimline tablet, the Lenovo Yoga Book – a versatile little tab with a hidden keyboard and a clever digital note-taking surface.