Amazon have stepped up their efforts to be the most convenient retailer ever.

Recently Amazon have been slowly unrolling ever more convenient ways to order pretty much everything you’ll ever need. With two hour delivery now available on selected items, there doesn’t seem to be much further they could go. Enter Dash – a device to make ordering from AmazonFresh even easier.

If you thought grocery shopping on your computer or phone was easy, Dash is taking it one step further. It allows you to add items to your shopping cart by scanning the barcode, or using voice search. Then all you need to do is open the Amazon app or visit the website to order.

Essentially the device cuts out the middle step of grocery ordering. Instead of making a note when you run out of something, you can add it to your cart then and there. When your list is long enough (orders must be over £40 to qualify for free delivery) you can get it all delivered using next day delivery.

Amazon Dash is available free with your second AmazonFresh order, until August 28th – after which point it’ll cost you £34.99. Combine that with the free 30 day trial of AmazonFresh to figure out just how much the technology can help you.

After that, all there is to do is wait for the arrival of the Amazon Dash buttons – product specific buttons that let you reorder items with one push. Simply hang the button next to the relevant product, and when you’re running low, push to order more. There’s no UK release date for yet, but it looks like it’s only a matter of time.

And then, we’ll just have to wait to see what they come up with next – surely there’s a limit to just how convenient shopping can be.