It's lightweight, speedy and won't need a recharge after every single commute...

If you’re after a power-assisted bike that isn’t laden with a chunky engine and exterior gadgetry that makes it look like some kind of low-tech Transformer, Ampler’s sleek electric bike will be right up your street.

Designed for “smooth and quiet” urban commuting, Ampler’s electric bike packs its battery and of its electronics into a streamline rust-proof frame. In Ampler’s words, it’s the “cleanest-looking” electric bike. At a glance, and you’d have no clue it’s electric. And given some of the monsters on the market, that’s definitely a plus.

Impressively, it still manage to pack a powerful punch. The smart electronics in the frame measure the power you apply and simply match it, making pedalling lighter and giving you some much-needed oomph to get to where you need to be in a jiffy.

Battery-wise, Ampler’s skinny beauty is stacked with a durable battery that can take you up to 62 miles on a single charge. Ampler claims the battery is so durable, it will still have 70% capacity after it puts in nearly 19,000 miles. The battery is also attached to the frae in such a way that every professional bike shop can easily remove it to replace a new one in under an hour.

In terms of weight, you’re looking at anything from 14 kg depending on which Ampler model you choose, making it 35% lighter than the average electric two-wheeler. That’s going to be a life-saver when you need to carry your bike up stairs or onto public transport.

One thing that really sets Ampler’s electric bike apart from other ebikes around is its app-control. That’s right – you can now control your bike in an app. Just pull out your phone to toggle the motor’s assist level, increase or decrease your acceleration, see how much range you have left, and even navigate with maps and receive updates to your bike’s tech.

With only a couple of days left to gather funding on Indiegogo, Ampler has won over more than enough backers to make its electric bike a reality. There are both men’s and ladies’ models available – the latter with smaller frames, and you can grab early bird deals from (sit down for this part) $1,990 (£,1360). At least delivery is free, hey?