The crucial function on the All 4 app was previously only available on iOS.

It has been a whole year since Channel 4 replaced 4od with All 4 in a bid to offer a more user-friendly and comprehensive approach to catch-up TV apps by putting all their best content in one place.

The upgrade offered a more user-friendly interface that displayed everything from the relatively new 4 Shorts and box sets, to the latest collections and personalised recommendations. And the app also gave mobile users access to TV shows on demand as well as the usual suspects like trailers, box-sets, previews and clips.

However, until now, the live streaming function was only available to iOS users while Android members were left out in the cold.No explanation yet as to why it took a whole year to even the playing field but it will come as welcome news to Android users, especially as the update arrived just in time for the Formula 1 event coverage that will air this weekend.

You can download the free app on Google Play here.