A snap-on boom mic for playing, streaming and casting.

Want to upgrade your trusty old headphones to a pro gaming headset without having to ditch them for a new model? ModMic might just be the genius add-on you need.

Put simply, ModMid is a boom microphone you can stick on any headphones. Whether you’re wearing headphones with a metal, plastic or mesh outer, you can pop ModMic onto the earpiece to kit them out with an instant boom mic for crystal-clear comms while you work and play.

ModMic demoModMic snap onto an adhesive clasp for headphones using a tiny magnet, meaning you can pop the mic in the prime position for talking. It’s adjustable both in length and shape too, so you can bend it and tweak it to suit your setup.

It also comes with 2 extra base clips and an additional adhesive , which gives you freedom to transfer it between headphones if you use multiple headsets for your various gaming and chatting needs.

ModMIc adjustable

Depending on exactly what you need ModMic for, there are two primary versions; uni-directional with enhanced noise cancelling, and omni-directional with enhanced audio quality.

You can go here to find out which version is best for you, but it looks like the omni-directional option is better suited for recording purposes when crystal-clear audio is essential, while uni-directional is the top choice for gamers who simply want an easy, fuss-free way to chat in multi-player situations.

You can pick up your perfect ModMic here from $42.95 (around £33).