Because one cable is never enough when you're out and about with your family of iThings.

Keeping your phone charged is a bit like the adult equivalent of feeding your Tamagotchi. Except the consequences of not doing it are much worse than simply having the death of a virtual alien called Gary on your conscience. Want to get your charging game in check? Grab this 3-in-1 lightning cable.

With two lightning connectors and a micro USB on one end and a USB connector on the other, the 3-in-1 cable can charge and sync 3 devices simultaneously – including a cheeky Android device, if you’re secretly dabbling.

3-in-1 Lightning Cable devicesThe cable itself is 1.2m long, so you won’t be tethered to the wall socket like some luddite while your gadgets juice up.

You can grab the 2-in-1 lightning cable from Fancy in champagne gold, rose gold or cyan blue for $15 ( around£11.50). Shipping to the UK is available.