An upgrade on the Apple TV set-top box is coming very soon, integrated with Apple's voice control assistant, Siri, enabling you to search thousands of films and TV shows using just your voice.

Instead of wading through vast menus using buttons on a remote control, you only have to tell Siri what kind of TV show or film you fancy, and it will do the work for you.

Tell Siri you’re in the mood for a thriller, and it’ll quickly search across popular services like Netflix and iTunes to save you trawling through them yourself. It will even search for specific genres, like 80s chick-flicks, or 70s sci-fi movies.

Say, “Only the good ones”, and Siri will use Rotten Tomatoes reviews to pick out the top-rated content.

Siri will even find the exact film or TV show you want to watch. Instead of typing every single letter of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas using your TV remote, simply tell Siri you want to watch Fear and Loathing, and it’ll know what you’re talking about.

If there’s a line in a film that you didn’t catch, just ask Siri, “What did he say?” and Siri will briefly skip back and turn on closed captioning to show you what you missed.

You can ask for weather reports, sports scores, and even check your stocks, all without lifting a finger.

If you ever want to manually navigate menus, the sensitive and precise touch surface on the remote lets you swipe and scroll instead of the clunky method of jabbing at arrow buttons repeatedly. To make a selection, just tap your finger on the touch surface.

The 32GB version of the new Apple TV set-top box launches at the beginning of October and will cost $149 (£97). The 64GB version will cost $199 (£129).