Stay on track for a healthy lifestyle with the latest wristband tech


Designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the Archon Touch is the latest in wristband tech to promote healthy living. Available in 6 colour straps, the wristband is fully touch controlled and upon set-up, will ask you for your height, weight and strength to record the most accurate data.

Once you’ve done this, it can then track your fitness, providing data such as steps taken, work out intensity, calories burned and distance travelled. It then breaks down your level of exercise into clear bar graphs, showing you your level of exercise intensity so you can see when you were the most active.

If that doesn’t sound like the best motivation to exercise, we don’t know what is. But if you need a little extra push, the Archon Touch also lets you set your own fitness target, and congratulates you when you’ve achieved it. In fact, you can even pair your band with your smartphone, letting all incoming alerts and notifications – like social media messages and emails – display on your band, with a vibration given off to get your attention.

Lets face it, the band gives you flexibility in tailoring it to your lifestyle completely – you can even turn on sleep mode to track your sleep, and stop any incoming notifications from waking you. Better yet, the wristbands battery charge lasts roughly four to six days, and is waterproof.

Sound like your type of thing? The Archon Touch wristband is available online at for £29.99.