Fancy a beer? iGulu's new smart brewing system wants to bring craft beer into your home

Bonus udpate: Igulu (previously ArtBrew) is now on IndiGoGo and pre-orders are open – iGulu 

Update: ArtBrew reached its Kickstarter funding target, raising $700,000 at the start of May and is now building kits for delivery in September. Find out the latest via its Facebook page.

This may be the greatest invention ever made… or a wallet thrashing beer monster of terrifying proportions.  Either way, it’s an attention-getter. Artbrew’s a home brewing machine that promises to deliver you a perfect – and custom – flagon of beer within a week or so of selecting the recipe on an app.

Artbrew - loading the machine

The wizardry starts on the phone where the app gives access to ‘hundreds’ of craft beer recipes, both master and from other users. It then moves to the machine itself, and the loading of the hops, malt, yeast etc (either supplied by Artbrew or by your good self).

Press a button and… well this next bit requires patience – in a week or three, depending on the recipe, you’ll have a ready made craft beer to your exact app-specified selection. So it’s not necessarily one for tonight’s party, but with a bit of planning, it could be wetting whistles at the family BBQ, the end of the month.

Artbrew - brewing a smart beer

The Artbrew is currently guzzling through investor’s money on Kickstarter where it’s already raised $330,000 of its $100,000 goal so it’s fair to say there’s a lot of people looking forward to a beer or two in the near future. The  anticipated price is $989 so it’s not going to be cheap. We’ll update you when pre-orders start. For more information, visit its Kickstarter page.