It's a window into another world - wherever you are.

Ever wish you could be somewhere else in the world entirely? With this Atmoph portable window – you can. Sort of.

Atmoph is a 27-inch high contrast display designed to give you a window into a more beautiful place than the one you’re in. With the ability to beam 4K videos and live-stream footage from other more exciting locations, it can take you anywhere you like, regardless of where you place it.

Atmoph fireplaceJust think of the possibilities. You’re living in a shared flat in the city and you long to sit alone and watch waves hit a deserted beach at night. You’re in a cold rented house and you yearn for the crackling of a log fire. You’re in a terraced house in Milton Keynes but you dream of running away to Hawaii.

Or, you’re just fed up that the only action you see from your real-life window is Ken from next door feeding the pigeons in his string vest.

Whatever your dream view, Atmoph is there to make it happen. Its anti-glare display beams your fantasy location in 1920x1080p clarity, and even throws in real sounds so that you can hear those waves lapping at the shore, the fire crackling, or the murmur of a crowded London street.

Atmoph Window beachIf you’re stuck for inspo, you can delve into Atmoph’s vast library of footage to kick off your teleporting experience. There are currently more than 80 videos available to beam to your own magic window, and Atmoph also has real-time footage from some sought-after locations available to tap into.

A bit like a smart mirror, Atmoph will also display handy information if you want it to. Wave your hand in front of Atmoph’s proximity sensor to see information like the time, date, weather and your calendar appear on the screen in front of your view. You can even use Atmoph’s app to set an alarm clock to wake you with your view of choice and some lovely bird chirping.

Atmoph mountainsFancy taking a journey with Atmoph? You can even use the app to create a schedule and make Atmoph’s view change throughout the day. How about a breathtaking high-rise panorama before lunch, a meadow full of flowers in the afternoon and an awesome view of the milky way as you nod off to sleep?

You can control Atmoph using your iPhone, Android smartphone or Apple Watch. It’s available in oak, walnut, white and black.

Sadly, it’s going to be cheaper for anyone on a low budget to opt for Atmoph’s poster option, because the smart window will set you back $699 (£476). Pre-orders are currently sold out on Atmoph’s Kickstarter campaign, but you can grab an Atmoph-sized poster set for $25 (£17).