Know what's in the air you're breathing with Awair's integrated air monitoring system.

Ever find yourself going to bed feeling fine, but waking up sneezing with itchy eyes? Or have a bad night’s sleep for no real reason? It might just be something in the air – and Awair will help you figure out just what.

Awair constantly scans your entire home, keeping tabs on what’s floating around in your air and getting in the way of your life. From dust particles to CO2 to chemicals and the system keeps track of anything in the air that might impact your health and comfort, and via the connect app, lets you know how you can deal with them.

You can even tell the system what matters most to you – whether it’s dealing with allergies, getting a good night’s sleep, or trying to avoid a slump in productivity. Over time, Awair will learn more about your habits and life style, so it can tailor its service ever more closely.

The system links to your other smart home features as well. Link it to Nest, and if your CO2 levels are high, your thermostat fan will turn on, to help bring them down. Configure your IFTTT settings so the temperature and humidity can be automatically managed. Or just ask Amazon Echo how you can change your air for the better.


All that, and it’s pretty too – constructed from walnut, and with a subtle light display to keep you informed. You change the information on the display by tapping the box – an absent-minded gesture of affection lets you know how well you’re breathing.

Awair hasn’t officially launched in the UK yet, but you can order on using global shipping to get it here, and start controlling what goes into your lungs.