Turn your standard tennis racket into a connected swing-tracker with this smart, affordable little wristband.

We’ve seen a lot of sports equipment get injected with tech, but splashing out on the latest connected batbasketball or gym gadget isn’t the only way to bring your game into the 21st century,

Meet Babolat Pop – a connected wristband that turns your existing tennis racket into a swing-tracking, volley-logging smart racket. Packing a 9-axis sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnometer, Babolat Pop can gather all manner of stats from your wrist while you’re on the court and beam them to an app on your phone for post-game perusal.

If you’re after much more than a measurement of your serve speed, Babolat Pop isn’t going to disappoint. The range of data this little band can collect is vast, ranging from stats on your forehand, backhand, serve, smash, volley, topspin, and power. It will even log your play time, give you an activity score and keep track of your longest rally to free up your mind to focus entirely on the game.

Competitive players can even indulge in a friendly head-to-head with friends and try and beat their rivals’ top scores. If you really want to go big, you can even submit your stats to the global Pop community and see where you rank amongst the world’s most dedicated tennis enthusiasts.

When you’re not racking up virtual points and beating your mates, the app should serve as a handy tool for improving your technique and generally becoming the best player you can be. As well as letting you set goals and beat your own personal best scores, the app’s clean interface is the perfect way to see the overall picture of your game and figure out areas for improvement.

The wristband itself is made from breathable neoprene, which is super-comfy on your wrist and easy to clean. Just pop out the tracking module when your game’s over and throw the band in the washing machine ready for next time.

The best news is that Babolat Pop is far cheaper than any newfangled tennis racket or sport-tracking wonder-wearable you might have seen before. You can buy it for just £69.99 here.