You're going to want to live in it.

If you haven’t yet joined the age of the Internet of Things and added at least one smart gadget to your house, prepare to feel seriously out of touch. Even Barbie has her very own smart home.

It’s called Hello Dreamhouse, and it’s a WiFi-powered party house with WiFi, voice control and IoT-packed accessories galore. That fantasy you have of your house greeting you when you walk through the front door, switching on the shower for you in the morning and reminding you to floss your teeth? Yeah. Barbie just beat you to it.


Barbie now has a wall-mounted TV and a laptop in her bedroom.

Simply by saying the wake phrase “Hello Dreamhouse” and giving a quick command, kids can make all kinds of home-automation luxuries happen in Barbie’s fancy new pad. “Hello Dreamhouse, it’s morning Time”, for instance, will turn on the lights in Barbie’s bedroom.

Telling the Dreamhouse it’s time to get ready for school will then switch on the shower sound effects and remind Barbie to pick an outfit – just like the smart home scenes that the likes of IFTTT and Apple Home allow you to create.


Barbie’s kitchen is officially more grown-up than yours.

The Dreamhouse is also kitted out with its very own voice-activated capsule lift, which kids can summon to either floor in a jiffy. There are stairs too, which will convert into a slide with a simple command. When someone can make that happen on a human scale, let us know.

Listing all of Hello Dreamhouse’s smart tricks would take all day and probably make us feel woefully sad about our IoT-lacking childhoods, but some other stunts include a “Silly Day” mode, which makes Barbie’s fireplace cluck like a chicken, and her toilet bowl honk like a klaxon.


A fireplace that clucks like a chicken. Wait…what?

The house will also welcome Barbie home when she walks through the front door, and has all kinds of customisable greetings and sounds that kids can customise with their own voices via the Dreamhouse app. It will even fire up into Party Mode at a moment’s notice, complete with music, lights and a “Surprise Party” mode. Yeah. It’s not fair.

If you want to lavish your child with the Barbie Dreamhouse, or you just want it for yourself…for science, you can pre-order it now. When it comes to the price, you probably need to be sitting down. It’s $300 (around £226). Shipping to the UK will boost that up to $349.99 (around £265). Ouch.