Anything can be contactless if you're brave enough.

The idea of paying contactless is great in theory, but unless you’re a fancy Apple Watch wearer, it still means you have to whip out your phone or bank card to make the payment. This probably only saves you the 1.3 seconds it takes to tap in your pin, which is a lot of fancy technology for not much in return.

We’ve seen a few other options like this contactless jacket and Topshop’s bPay trinkets, but they’re not to everyone’s taste – or budget. That’s why this Barclaycard bPay sticker – despite being super-tiny – is kind of genius.

Put simply, the bPay sticker is a sticker that makes stuff contactless. That’s pretty much it. Stick it on anything with a flat or even surface, and that thing will instantly become your new digital wallet. Got a favourite hat? Slap it inside the rim, and you can now tip your hat to pay for a beer. Got a card that isn’t contactless? Make it so. Got a favourite jacket? Pop the sticker inside the sleeve. And so on.

Just like any of barclaycard’s other bPay devices, the bPay sticker will let you spend up to £30 in a single transaction just by tapping it on a payment terminal. It’s not limited to Barclaycard bank accounts, and it also pairs with the bPay app on your phone to help you track and manage your many off-the-cuff transactions.

You can buy it in either black or charcoal here for £14.99. You don’t need to charge it, but you’ll have to replace it after 2 years.