Your kids are about to have a very exciting summer...


It’s official – the kids have it all. The BBC have announced that they are releasing BBC iPlayer Kids, a brand new app that caters specifically for children.

After children’s content was found to be the most on-demand genre in iPlayer (who knew?), parents now have access to over 10,000 episodes of content for their children, all in the safety of the iPlayer Kids app.

Designed to grab your children’s attention for hours on end, the app first loads asking your kids to enter their name, age and to choose an adorable little cartoon to represent them in the online world. You can even have a profile for family members.

Once your kid has set up their profile, they are free to search within the app for their favourite shows. And parents don’t even need to worry, as the app is designed with a ‘safety lock’ to keep kids within the app and not able to access any other links.

BBC iPlayer Kids

You can even download episodes in advance so that your kids can watch their programmes on the go, free of Wi-Fi – perfect for a long car journey or holiday.

Like any good smart app, the age of the child dictates what shows are recommended to them, with CBBC content accessible to all ages, as you do. The only problem? There’s no limit to how much your tot can watch, so make sure to take back the device before they get wonky-eyed from too much Teletubbies.

You can download BBC iPlayer Kids for free on tablets and smartphones.