If the latest Netflix hit, Stranger Things wasn't creepy enough for you - try being part of it.

If Steven Spielberg had adapted a Stephen King story in 1987, the result may have been something like Stranger Things. Creepy and spirited and full of angst both every day, and supernatural, it’s an excellent show – if you haven’t watched it yet, you definitely should.

And now it’s getting even creepier as Netflix has chosen a clip from Stranger Things to showcase their experiments with virtual reality.

Set in a small American town, Stranger Things sees a community rocked by the disappearance of a child. In their determination to find him, his best friends and his mother stumble upon a dark secret. The unlikely heroes find themselves caught between a mysterious government agency and a strange predator.

With the new virtual reality clip they’ve released, you can be part of the action. You can watch the two minute clip using Google Cardboard, or any VR headset that fits your phone. There are instructions to follow as you go and, as you’d expect, it ends with a bang.

Netflix has taken a ‘watching this space’ attitude to virtual reality, expressing an interest in seeing where it goes as a story telling medium. While not all Netflix shows would suit the virtual reality treatment, there’s no question that it suits Stranger Things.