Your phone may have an ok camera, but Beastgrip turns it into something more.

Phones are pretty good these days, everyone can pretty much agree about that. Where they used to be the size of a television and permanently stuck to your wall, their sole function to call people, one at a time. Now they sit in your pocket, going on the internet, talking to the whole world, catching Pokémon, and taking photos. And Beastgrip is going to make those photos even better.

Beastgrip is a rig system that fits onto your smart phone – even if it’s in a case – and allows you to attach all manner of extra equipment. The adjustable lens grip and spring loaded clasps mean that it can fit with pretty much any smart phone out there.


If all you need is a tripod mount for your phone, Beastgrip has you covered, or if you want to fit out your phone with lenses, flashes or microphones, have at it.

The grip is designed to be compatible with a variety of lenses, and the standard cold shoe mount means anything you can pop on a DLSR, you can pop on your phone.

And then all you need to do is decide what deserves to be shot with you’re flash new get up.