Waking up is so much more fun when your alarm clock switches on your coffee machine...

Update: Buy Beddi today for $99.99 (£76.17) here.

Mornings are one of life’s cruel jokes. But if this smart alarm clock has anything to do with it, even the most downtrodden morning zombies amongst us could be waking up fresh-faced and bouncing out of bed with the gaiety of a spring lamb.

It’s a tall order for an alarm clock, but after all, this isn’t your average morning buzzer. Part Bluetooth speaker, part home automation hub, Beddi is a one-stop wonder gadget for helping you wake up, get up, and set off for work without wanting to just claw your own eyes out from the sheer misery of it all.

On a basic level, Beddi acts as your smart and super-friendly wake-up call. It can pull music from your Spotify playlist to wake you up with your favourite tunes, exude an ambient glow that gently fades in to help rouse you before your alarm goes off, and even dictates the weather for the day while you’re limbering up for the departure from your lovely cosy and warm bed. All you have to do is download the app, pop your smartphone in Beddi’s slot, and the clock will auto-sync with your phone’s time.

Beddi Smart Alarm Clock

At its very best, though, Beddi is the ultimate morning scene setter. Get grouchy if you don’t get a coffee within three minutes of waking up? Struggle to switch on the lights with your tired, limp morning fingers? Beddi is here to step in. Thanks to its compatibility with IFTTT (a smart home recipe-making app), it can even automatically fire up your smart coffee machine, switch on the Philips Hue lights on the landing , and even adjust your Nest smart thermostat as soon as your alarm goes off.

With three smart buttons that can be pressed and tapped in various ways, Beddi can make up to 9 glorious things happen at your command too. How about making Beddi a one-touch trigger to hail an Uber? Or a smart button for getting vocalised traffic reports so you know exactly when to leave for work? Perfect for weary mornings when you’re so tired you’re convinced your eyelids got superglued shut by evil fairies overnight.

If you’re ready to put the dark times behind you and wake up to a different tune, you can pre-order Beddi here.