Our buying guide will help you choose which of the many, is right for you. Do you want a smartwatch-fitness tracker hybrid, a chunky and durable band that you can throw off after your workout, or something a little more aesthetically pleasing?

Sony SmartBandSony SmartBand SWR30

Sony claims this life-logging smartband will take you on a ‘journey of self-discovery’ – a pretty tall order for a bit of wrist kit. So what’s it got that others haven’t?

As well as looking rather slick with a curved E ink display, SmartBand keeps track of your daily activities – from running, walking, and sleeping, to texting, chatting, and snapping photos – and sends all this information to the Lifelog smartphone app for in depth analysis of your routine.

SmartBand also monitors your pulse and heart rate, and lets you set goals to aid you in your epic voyage towards a new, enlightened you.

If you’re already pretty enlightened, thank you very much, there’s always the voice capability, phone to wrist notifications, and one-touch call answering to enjoy.

SmartBand is waterproof, and available in two sizes with a selection of customisable coloured wristbands. Grab yours for £129.

Polar M400Polar M400

This GPS running watch tracks and records all of your training activity, and sends feedback and attainable guidance to the Polar Flow mobile app after every session.

With the option to set targets to beat your personal best, a fitness test to help you help on top of your game, and an inactivity notification that gives you a gentle reminder to stretch your legs when you’ve been sitting for too long, Polar M400 is the ultimate motivating fitness coach.

If you’re an iPhone user, Polar M400 will connect to the MyFitnessPal app to track your calorie intake alongside your exercise routine, as well as send alertsof missed calls, texts etc to your wrist.

Accessories like a universal bike mount and a heart rate sensor strap are also available to optimise your Polar M400’s capabilities.

The Polar M400 is £157.50.

JawboneJawbone Up2

This thin, sleek fitness wearable features sleep and heart rate detection, complete activity, and meal and calorie logging to give you an all-round picture of your daily health and lifestyle.

Unlike many other fitness trackers that favour functionality over aesthetic, Jawbone is a neat wristband that won’t look bulky underneath your sleeve, or compromise your comfort.

Jawbone gives you all of the feedback and guidance you need through the Smart Coach app available on iOS and Android.


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There’s even a friendly wake-up call function that rouses you with a gentle vibration when the moment’s right for your body to start the day.

Jawbone Up2 is £89.99.

TomTom SparkTomTom Spark

TomTom is cranking up the volume of your power ballads with this smart fitness watch, featuring a built-in music player that streams directly to your Bluetooth headphones for a wire-free workout.

Spark has space for over 500 of your favourite tunes. If you’re after something particularly motivating, TomTom has teamed up with Ministry of Sound to bring you Running Trax, a preloaded thirty-minute mix of dance anthems from world-class DJs.

Spark’s 24/7 activity tracking function monitors your step count, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep duration. With GPS tracking, it measures your time, speed, distance, and pace, with a Multi-Sport mode to track indoor and outdoor sports, such as cycling, swimming, and gym workouts.

You can set up and track your daily and weekly fitness goals on your watch and multiple other platforms, including TomTom MySports, RunKeeper, And Nike+.

Pick Spark in your favourite colour from www.tomtom.com/fitness for £189.99. Expect to see the full range hitting stores in October, including Bluetooth headphones and various models of the watch.

Runtastic moment smartwatchRuntastic Moment

Moment links up with the Runtastic running app to provide distance and calories burned on the analogue face, adding an extra dimension for keen runners who fancy a stylish alternative to a sports watch.

There’s also a colour-coded LED which will pass on alerts from your smartphone. Once paired the watch will seamlessly sync with an Android, iOS or Windows phone without intervention.

The activity tracker logs Steps & Distance, Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Sleep Cycles and Goals. A Progress indicator on the watch face gives you your daily stats at a glance, and vibration alerts can be set to go off after periods of inactivity.

The Runtastic Moment is available from Runtastic and other outlets including Amazon, priced between £99 and £149.


Like having a personal trainer in your pocket, the MOOV NOW not only tracks your distance and speed when running, walking, cycling or swimming, but provides real-time feedback on a wide range of workouts.

When running, the MOOV NOW can tell you when to land softer, shorten your stride, or speed up, while the cycling programme monitors speed, distance, cadence, elevation, and can even coach you on the best time to change gear.

The tiny, discrete sensor connects to your smartphone via the control app (Android, iOS) and, using headphones, provides real-time voice guidance to help you improve your technique.

Impressively the battery will last for 6 months, and it’s dust and waterproof. The strap is available in a great selection of colours.

The MOOV NOW will be available from Autumn 2015, with a pre-order discount, so you can get it for just $59.99 (around £39). Normal price is $99 (around £65).


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