Even the most seasoned sleepers among us have at some point lain awake at night counting sheep in a desperate bid to nod off.

But for those who regularly struggle to catch some Zs, it can mean endless nights pacing the bedroom in frustration, with days spent in some sort of waking coma.

Check out our favourite smart sleep tech that will have you waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Withings AuraWithings Aura

This bedside device uses a combination of gentle light and sound to send you into slumber, gathering data about your sleep from a discreet sensor that tucks under your mattress.

It tailors its light and sound pattern to your sleeping data to promote a good night’s sleep and help you wake as naturally as possible.

You can view your sleep stats in the morning on the smartphone app, including how deeply you slept, how many times you woke up, and the time it took you to fall asleep.

Aura also links to your Nest thermostat, alerting it to change to the best temperature to help you sleep.

$299.95 (£196) Withings.com


This sleep sensor lives under your mattress and starts to collect your sleep data as soon as it detects you’ve climbed into bed.

It sends handy little graphs of your stats to an app on your smartphone such as how efficiently you slept, and your average heart and respiration rates. The app then analyses your sleep variables to award you an overall sleep score. Because who doesn’t want to win at sleep?

The app also tells you what all of your data means, so with a tap of a finger you can find out what last night’s heart rate was all about.

There’s also an alarm function within the app that wakes you up when it thinks you’re ready to face the day.

€149 (£109) Beddit.com

Lark AlarmLark Silent Alarm Clock

Do away with that dreaded alarm tone and have the Lark wristband nudge you awake with gentle vibrations.

Lark connects to an app on your smartphone to send sleep data like how many times you woke up, how long it took you to get to sleep, and what your sleep quality was like.

It detects when you’re ready to be roused, and instead of waking up the entire house like an alarm clock, it silently vibrates. It’ll wake the heaviest of sleepers, yet your partner in the bed next you will slumber on.

The app also lets you set a sleep plan with goals and reminders so your sleep will keep on improving.

$49 Lark.com

Jawbone UP3Jawbone UP3

UP3 is a fitness tracker that moonlights as a sleep coach.

By day, it monitors your heart rate and tracks activities from running and hiking, to tennis and Zumba. It also lets you scan food barcodes to keep a food diary and track calorie intake.

By night, it monitors REM, light, and deep sleep stages, and gives you suggestions in the morning on how to improve both your sleeping and waking hours.

It also takes care of your heart – monitoring your resting heart rate and using that information to give you invaluable heart health tips.

£129.99 Jawbone.com