The first personalized family robot is making its way to you…

Forget JARVIS, robot butlers have now become a reality.

BIG-i is the newest robot butler to hit the market, and it does everything you’d want a robot butler to do, and more. It understands voice commands, recognises faces and interacts with your smart device. And as with anything robotic, it looks super adorable. In fact, it looks like a moving trash can – take that, Wall-E.

Your own personal JARVIS is able to do a lot of things. It stands at 2-foot-6, has a camera, visual system and Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. Its wheels and built-in obstacle avoidance helps it move around your home, while it acts as a personal assistant by taking phone calls, scheduling appointments and reminding you to turn off the oven when you leave the kitchen.

But if you want BIG-i to do even more, you’ll need to teach it. For example, you may want to watch TV as soon as you sit on the sofa. Just tell BIG-i to look at the sofa, say ‘This is “sofa”’ and then tell it to turn on the TV whenever you sit on it. BIG-i’s world revolves around you, so it only takes commands from you. Great if you don’t want your kids stealing it to do their chores.

The only downside? BIG-i’s battery charge is pretty unspectacular, lasting about five hours on its own through normal use. But it can navigate on its own to its charging dock.

At the moment, BIG-i’s creator NXROBO is raising funds on Indiegogo with an early-bird price of £494 to grab your own. And if you’re quick enough, you can expect to get your robot butler by the end of this year. Merry early Christmas, everyone!