Bioo promises possibly the most eco-friendly way to charge your phone by creating electricity using the power of nature...

The first time we met a phone-charging gadget that harnessed Mother Nature’s energy-giving powers, it was in the form of this super-duper solar tree, and we didn’t think that tech-nature hybrids could get any cooler.

Turns out we were wrong. Meet Bioo – the phone-charging plant pot that uses a plant’s process of photosynthesis to generate juice for your phone. Yep, you can now literally plug your phone into a plant, and it will charge. Welcome to the wonder of smart tech, folks.

Specifically, the gadget works by taking energy created by a plant’s biological elements expelled after photosynthesis in the surrounding soil. Don’t worry – it’s completely safe for your plants;  they will still get all the nutrients they need to blossom and grow. It’s the left-over energy after a plant has photosynthesised that Bioo is interested in.

Of course, you can’t just stick your phone or the end of your charger in the soil and expect the magic to happen. Bioo has its very own USB port disguised as a decorative rock. Just pop the plant pot wherever is most convenient for charging your phone, plug in your phone (or tablet) using its regular charging cable, and let technology and nature blow your socks off.

Bioo’s provides a constant electricity supply day and night, so you can literally just treat the plant pot like a regular power socket. Its maker – a Spanish company called Arkyne Technologies – says it’s powerful enough to charge your phone 2 to 3 times a day, and will charge it about as fast as plugging your phone into a laptop via USB. As a heads-up, that’s quite a lot slower than plugging into a wall socket.

Still, we can’t deny the concept of Bioo isn’t impressive, and with its ability to both save electricity and encourage a touch of indoor gardening, it goes way beyond a mere gimmick. In the spirit of smart tech, it also comes with its own automatic irrigation system and a sealed water tank that effectively keeps any water added the the plant safe inside the pot.

If you’re sold on the idea of charging your phone using flowers, you can head over to Indiegogo to back the project. Early bird deals start at just €99 (£77), and should be shipped in December this year if the campaign is successful (it’s already 189% funded, so you can probably count on that).