Stay in shape, listen to music and keep in touch with The Dash

Tangled headphones are a thing of the past if Bragi’s newest wireless in-ear headphones have anything to do about it. Calling themselves the ‘world’s first wireless in-ear headphones’ Bragi’s The Dash wants to be the ultimate in headphone technology for loathers of knotted cabling.

With a range of sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect headphone to fit your ears. With no buttons to speak of, The Dash keeps it simple using only taps and swipes to operate it. And with 4GB of storage, the headphones give 1,000 songs to play with.

The Dash doesn’t just rest on its laurels to give you your music. It also has a built-in fitness tracker, with sensors that can help you reach your exercise goals. It can track distance, duration and heart rate and can even be used when swimming – just don’t go deeper than 1 metre of water.

And thanks to a Bluetooth range of 10 metres, The Dash can also answer your phone calls without you touching your phone. All you need to do is tap. Which all sounds great and all, but the thing is, if they’re so tiny… how do we make sure we don’t lose them?

The Dash is available for £249.99 in O2’s new stores in Manchester Market Street and London’s Westfield White City, as well as online at