If this isn't heaven on a Sunday morning, we don't know what is...

Anyone who has ever tried to cobble together a fry-up in a hurry will be all too familiar with the fresh culinary hell that inevitably ensues. Pans up to your elbows, broken yolks, toast timing gone to pot and steaming pile of ash where some Heinz baked beans used to be.

Thanks to this awesome Breakfast Maker, though, that’s no longer a world that we are forced to live in. With a built-in toaster, grill, and a glorious compartment devoted entirely to the mass-cooking of eggs, the Smart Breakfast Master is an all-in-one fried breakfast wizard for the busy or just plain lazy chefs amongst us.

With the Breakfast Master, you can toast two pieces of lovely thick bread, grill some tomatoes or bacon, and boil half a dozen eggs or poach 3 all at once. Just load it up with your ingredients, choose one of 7 browning settings for your bread, and leave the rest to the machine. There’s so little to do on your part that you might as well hop back into bed and clock up some more precious minutes of kip.

When you wake up, a ready-made hot breakfast will be waiting, complete with perfectly-toasted bread, expertly-grilled bacon and some juicy-hot tomatoes. Oh, and a trio of triangle eggs – an aesthetic side-effect we’re happy to roll with in the name of kitchen harmony.

The great thing is that Breakfast Master turns itself off when it has finished cooking, so there’s no worry that you’ll burn your breakfast if you do happen to slip back into a heavy doze. Handy extras like a pull-out crumb tray and a non-stick frying pan make cleaning it really easy too, and there’s also a transparent cover that gives you a clear view of the breakfast alchemy as it’s taking place.

If you’re ready to revolutionise your cooked breakfast experience, you can grab the Smart Breakfast Master for just £59.95 here.