Got a smart meter? You're about to reap the rewards.

British Gas has decided to gift free electricity at weekends to around two million lucky customers who have smart meters installed in their homes.

A smart meter is a tabletop device that accurately records how much electricity you consume on a daily basis and provides a detailed breakdown of your energy usage online. It’s a great way to develop more efficient habits with your various gadgets and switches, and save precious pennies on your bills. Plus, it means you don’t ever need to read the meter.

British Gas My EnergyAnyone eligible for the FreeTime Tarrif gets to choose to use 8 hours of cost free power either on Saturday or Sunday between 9am and 5pm, and should see savings of around £60 a year, according to British Gas.

British Gas has also said it will install a smart meter for anyone who wants to go on the new tariff, providing they meet the criteria. You can find out here if that’s you.

  • Story via: BBC