Is your hatred for flies keeping you awake at night? Affecting your relationships? It's time to pull out the big guns (literally).

Fly swatters and sticky paper are all well and good for reducing the amount of airborne pests during the summer months, but sometimes there’s that one pesky little sucker who won’t leave you alone that you just want to murder with your own bare hands. And that’s where Bug-A-Salt comes in.

Bug-A-Salt is – to put it frankly – the ultimate murder weapon for flies and insects. It’s the tool that’s going to take you from mere fly hater to fully-fledged cold-blooded fly killer. Except there are no bullets here. Instead? You shoot those mother flippers with salt.

BUG-A-SALT gunOnce your gun is loaded with table salt, your salty killing spree can commence. The gun has an accuracy range of 3 feet, and will even blast bigger insect pests with a few additional shots. And the good news is that there’s going to be no Breaking Bad-style clean-up, because the brutes will die in one piece from the impact. Coooool.

If, like us, you’re loathe to go around shooting up any old harmless wildlife for the sake of saving your jam sandwich, you’ll probably just be sticking to fly-blasting. And if you’re one of those fragile folk who literally can’t harm a fly, Bug-A-Salt’s compelling list of utterly gross fly facts might sway you.

On that note, look away now if you don’t want to see poor innocent flies dying before their time:

Bug-A-Salt fly deathsReady to kill? You can grab Bug-A-Salt from Amazon for £49.99.