The Bulgari Diagono Magnesium luxury concept watch could be the most stylish way to pay.

It’s not that long since we heard whispers about Mastercard’s collaboration with cyber security company WiseKey to inject contactless payment into luxury watches. And now it’s finally time to rejoice, because it has been revealed that the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium concept watch is among the high-end wearables could one day get a taste of the tech.

Along with an existing ‘vault’ in a smartphone app that lets you use your watch as a wireless key for all sorts of things, the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium concept watch could now let you pay for things in shops simply by flashing your wrist.

It’s all thanks to an NFC chip that nestles snugly out of sight inside the watch, securely linking the watch to your bank account. This means that when you hover your watch over a shop’s payment terminal to pay for something, it will authenticate your identity to prove that you, the watch wearer, are indeed the account holder.

It’s not the first glimmer of shiny new smart tech the luxury concept watch has been privy to. Bulgari’s smartphone ‘vault’ was revealed to us last year, converting the watch into an electronic key for hotel doors, car doors, and other compatible doors.

On a slightly sobering note, it’s important to remember that while the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium is a very real and very beautiful watch, its concept tech is just that; a concept. We’re still patiently waiting to see the Bulgari, Mastercard and WiseKey trio fulfil their promise of a full NFC vault complete with contactless payment abilities.

There’s no word on what size price tag the concept watch will wear once it becomes a reality, but you only have to look at the existing Diagono Magnesium sans NFC vault to get an idea; prices start at a cool £3,120. For that, you get a lightweight little number made from magnesium and resistivePoly Ether Ether Ketone with a subtle rubber strap. The watch face is a refreshingly modern analogue design with a grained finish created using a material called Motorlac.

You can explore the full Bulgari watch range here.