This collar promises to translate your cat's meowing into English. Yep, you read that right.

Every cat owner has at some point wondered just who in the relationship is actually in charge.

We’ve all convinced ourselves that each twitch of the tail, every minor swivel of an ear must carry greater emotional significance than the cat merely wanting food, or attention, or to be let outside, or whatever else the cat wants at a particular moment.

Catterbox promises to do away with the confusion by directly translating your cat’s inscrutable signalling into something you can understand.

The Catterbox press announcement includes words like ‘3D printed’, ‘research’ and ‘sensor’ to help reassure readers this device actually will take cat meows and translate them into human speech. But frankly, we don’t care about jargon and research. We just want the closest possible thing to Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, please…

However, the Catterbox announcement also includes words like, ‘Temptations Cat Treats’ and ‘ad agency adam&eveDBB’ (they are the people behind it), so bear that in mind if, to you, all sounds a little bit too good to be true.

Either way, the inevitable partner app enables you to select the appropriate voice for your animal, which could be amusing with the right comedic options – say, Arnold Schwarzenegger. If Salem the Cat isn’t in there, though, we’re not listening.

Whether the human-feline relationship can withstand a cat’s plain talking is another matter. We’ve all had a glimpse of what might happen if you give one of the most obnoxious, unpredictable and downright sassy animals on the planet a voice…Salem the cat

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