Who needs a power outlet, anyway.

It’s roundly acknowledged these days that smart phones need more power – and we’ve been falling over ourselves to find ways to get it. Power banks, supercharged cases, never leaving the house – we’ve tried it all. But most solutions do rely on being able to plug into the wall at some point. Not so the Ampware power generating case.

Developed in response to Hurricane Katrina – which saw co-founders Mark Gabriel and Erik Durr separated from loved ones. At a time when you rely on your phone, you are forced to rely on readily available electricity. Ampware aims to remove that need.

You may have seen a similar idea on survival pack torches or radios – crank handles that pop out and let you charge the battery with kinetic energy. Ampware operates in much the same way.


Currently available only for the iPhone 6 or 6S, the Ampware case has a simple, protective design. It clips into your lightning port with a replaceable connector. When you need a charge top up, simply pop the handle out and crank it around. The case features an LED light that will glow to let you know when you’re cranking at the optimum speed.


Just two minutes of cranking will get you enough charge to make an emergency call. Ten minutes will get you enough for two hours of normal use. Normal use here does not include playing Pokémon GO – that will take a bit more cranking.

While designed to be a support during an emergency, when other sources of power aren’t available, the Ampware could definitely help out in loads of everyday situations. If you don’t want the hassle of carrying a power bank around with you, pulling power from your case is an ideal solution. And if having a second device charged every day is a bit too much trouble, and you don’t want to rely on the weather to get a solar powered charger working, your own arms can do the work for you.