Stay aware of your surroundings - and make sure your surroundings are aware of you.

Cycling is great for the environment and great for your health, but it is not without risk. It’s hard to stay visible amongst all the other traffic on the road – and it’s hard to stay aware of what’s around you, while keeping your eyes on the road. The Classon smart helmet is here to relieve those worries.

Made by Brooklyness, the Classon helmet features front and back cameras to scan the road ahead and behind you. The information they pick up is passed through a custom algorithm, and communicated to you via a flashing light at the front of the helmet.


The light is adjustable, so you can set the right brightness for you – in order that it’s bright enough to be a useful communicator, but not so bright that it’s a dangerous distraction.

The helmet also features a break light on the back, that’s triggered by your movement – if it senses you starting to slow down, it switches on.

There are indicators on the front and back, triggered by your arm movements – if you signal a turn, the helmet signals it too.

As an added bonus, the helmet can work as a navigation system – simply input your destination in the app, and let the blinking lights guide your path. The helmet has been successfully crowdfunded, and is currently available for pre-order via Indiegogo.