A smartphone-sized sensor to help you avoid pollution hotspots in the city.

Ask any city dweller the downsides of life in the big smoke, and the lack of clean, fresh air is likely to be at the top of their list. If CleanSpace Tag is true to its word though, we could all beat the smog and breathe easy once more simply by popping one tiny device in our pockets.

CleanSpace Tag is a portable air sensor that detects carbon monoxide levels in the air in real-time and suggests small changes to help you avoid unnecessary exposure to nasty fumes. By connecting to an app on your phone via Bluetooth, the sensor can help you avoid particularly heavy pollution hotspots, plan lung-friendly routes to work, and even claim rewards for travelling clean.

CleanSpace Tag pollution sensor in bagAs well as showing you exactly what level of gruesome smog you’re dealing with, CleanSpace Tag provides links to eye-opening insights into what all of your device’s data means. It also dishes out handy tip and hints on how you can reduce or completely avoid pollution exposure whether you’re indoors or out.

To get a clearer idea of how CleanSpace Tag is improving your health, the app lets you check your exposure to carbon monoxide by hour, day, week, month or year. You can also help yourself out by running, walking or cycling instead of jumping on the tube, train or bus. This also lets you rack up CleanMiles that you can then cash in for exciting rewards and discounts from CleanSpace Tag’s partners.

CleanSpace Tag pollution sensor walkingIn keeping with its green ethos, CleanSpace Tag runs on Freevolt technology, a system that harvests wasted energy in wireless networks – like cellular and WiFi – to provide continuous power. This means you’ll never have to charge it. Just carry it around in your pocket or bag like a second smartphone and reap the lovely benefits.

The excellent news is that CleanSpace Tag is as kind on your budget as it is on your body. You can pick one up for just £49.99 here.